زندگی‌ جنگ است و دیگر هیچ

بچه هامون، ایران رو، و خا طراتمون رو تنها نزاریم

زما نش رسیده بذار یکبار ایرانی‌ باشیم و پشت بچه‌ها مون رو خالی‌  نکنیم

 به هر کمکی احتیاج داریم

نحوه و نوع کمک رو به اینجا ارسال کنید

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Sueddeutsche/ Germany 0 (0)

But the danger is increasing that
the regime will react even more
violently, because the protests
are about freedom and the 
political system.
DPA / Sueddeutsche / Germany

Bild Zeitung Germany 0 (0)

Around 1800 participants demonstrated 
on Wednesday at the Brandenburg Gate. 
They all want to show their solidarity 
with the Iranian women who have been 
fighting for freedom on the streets 
for the past 13 days.

Symbol „Von der Community überprüft“

Tagesschau Germany 0 (0)

Foreign Minister Baerbock wants to make the 
case of Mahsa Amini, who died in Iranian 
police custody, a topic for the UN Human 
Rights Council. Amini had been arrested 
for violating the dress code.

Morgenpost Germany 0 (0)

Hundreds of Berliners showed solidarity with oppressed women 
in Iran at the Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday.

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