جلسات خوانش عکس بخش بلاگ

هر هفته دو شنبه ساعت8:30 شب به وقت تهران در کلاب هاوس برگزار میشود.

فصلنامه نگاره

فصلنامه نگاره محصول کار جمعی بچه های نگاره وسردبیری عباس دوستقرین است که موفق شدیم شماره اول را در اختیار شما قرار بدیم. به امید این که در اینده با تحولات جدید نگاره رو برای شما جذابتر کنیم.

Rules and Regulations

Considering focus of Negareh website activities in photography and videography fields, and in order to protect the ownership rights for all individuals and the
website managers, and also for keeping up the proper work discipline, Negareh announces the following regulations:

  • By uploading the photo/s the photographer agrees with visibility of his/her photos.
  • The photographer is responsible for the authenticity and ownership of his/her photos.
  • Negareh has no right of ownership of the uploaded photos.
  • Negareh must remvoe the photo/s from the website upon the photographer’s request at any time.”


Designated responsible persons for the
Blog” section:

– Rahime Soodmand []

Quarterly Falls

Designated responsible persons for the “Quarterly Falls ” section:

– Abbas Doostgharin
– Mahshid Sarafzadeh []


In the “Blog” section we are going to have only three categories, “Grayscale”, “Color” and  “Serie“.

And ...

-Posting obscene and immoral works are against Negareh’s ethical guidelines and will not analyzed nor reviewed in Negareh’s meetings.

-The works that are found out to be promoting racism, insulting individuals/groups/religions will not be presented in Negareh’s critique/analytical meetings.

-Any discussions and conversations other than photography and videography topics are not followed in Negareh’s Clubhouse rooms.

-Submitted works are to be discussed, analyzed and critiqued every week during Clubhouse meetings only by specialists and experienced members in order to give useful insights to the audience. Hence, one should not expect compliments during these meetings.

-One must participate in Clubhouse meetings with respect and courtesy. Insulting other attendees must be avoided.

-Punctuality for Clubhouse meetings is a sign of respecting others rights, and is highly recommended.

-Attending the Clubhouse meetings open to and free for everyone.



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